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Veronica Webb and her daughter, Leila Webb, are both models. Veronica, an icon of the Supermodel era who has also counted journalism and philanthropy among her many accomplishments, and Leila, whose debut fashion show was Dior. 
Both women share a depth and compassion, rooted in an appreciation of nature and togetherness, and bring a warmth and inclusivity to everything they do. They are also both creators, generating beautiful imagery being a central part of their job description. We talked to them about their style, creative process and multi-generational style bond. 


A.L.C.: Where do you draw your inspiration from when modeling? What is your creative process? 

Veronica: I just love fashion and I love pictures. I know that sounds really broad but I think of every great photograph I have ever seen, I think of great paintings, I think of how exciting it is when you get dressed and you feel good and you are going somewhere. And anything that has to do with nature. Walking outside, looking at clouds, just being in nature, seeing nature, even watching animal tik toks just really kind of sets my mind free. For me nature is the basis of it all, in the beginning clothes came from earth and plants and that is really the basis of fashion.

A.L.C.: Do you have any other creative outlets you enjoy? What are they and how do you get inspired? 

Leila: I draw a lot. The only thing I really draw is the same tree, over and over and I get inspired by hiking and going outside and being surrounded by nature. I like to draw the same tree in different places. 


A.L.C.: What is your greatest piece of advice for your daughter now that she is entering the modeling industry? 

Veronica: Anything that you do should add up to making you stronger. So, whatever it is that you are engaged in, no matter how big or how small, ask yourself if this is contributing to my mental, physical, emotional, and psychological strength. If not, change it. 

 A.L.C.: What have you learned from your mother in terms of her experience in a
creative industry? Any tips that you rely upon? 

LeilaOh yes. Always be polite. Always be polite because I feel like it's the type of thing that you hear and you are like ‘Oh well of course I am always polite’. But at the end of an 8 hour day are you always polite? No matter what, the way she always made time for me and made me feel like what I was saying needed to be heard is something I emulate. I try to bring that to the set. The more I act like her the more fun we have and the more enjoyable it is, even if she is not there. Being inclusive and kind, keeping the sentiment that we are all working together at front of mind, its so important in any industry but particularly a creative one that relies upon collaboration. 

A.L.C.: What, so far, has been the most challenging part of motherhood? How have you overcome it?

Veronica: The most challenging part of motherhood is patience. You know, you can’t always see
the forest for the trees so you have to remember that, when things seem tedious, everything you do matters. Every diaper you change matters, every time you are able to let something go and turn it into something positive, rather than blowing up and making something negative, matters.

A.L.C.: What is one piece of style advice you have learned from your mother? 

Leila: Try on your clothes, try on all of your clothes. Spend time really trying on your clothes and making outfits, so you have an array of great outfits to turn to at any time. My favorite outfit formula is a long skirt, a tank top and a cardigan with ballet flats. I have been wearing it since high school. It literally is my uniform.

A.L.C.: Can you share a style lesson you have learned from your daughter? 

Veronica: She is definitely a less-is-more girl and especially when it comes to makeup she can use the most extravagant makeup in the most minimal way and it is always kind of magical. 




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