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Wine makers Michele Ouellet and Melina Kearney are a mother-daughter duo. After discovering a shared love of Provençal Rosé during Michele’s time modeling in Paris, they set out to create their own California version and Lorenza Wines was born. 
Here, the duo discuss their approach to creativity, style and going into business together. 

A.L.C.: What is the most rewarding part of starting a business together?

Michele: For me it’s that I get to know my mom beyond just being her daughter. We have been able to create and grow a company together and I’ve learned so much about how to conduct business and how to be in the world from my mom. 

Melinda: Our business has grown and evolved under our care for many years. We each have unique skill sets that have also grown and evolved simultaneously.

A.L.C.:  Which other female creators do you admire? 

Melinda: I've been following artist Fong Min Lao for a while and am inspired by her palette, and the way she has been intentional in her process—living her art.

Michele: I think Athena Calderone is just amazing. Her creativity goes from fashion to food to design in such an elevated and personal way. I love how she is free to express her point of view across any medium and doesn’t put herself into one box.

A.L.C.: What is the best piece of style advice you have received from one another?

Melinda: The “advice” from Michele arrives in boxes from lovely stores. She elevates my game which tends to be casual. A fabulous jacket, a bag I wouldn’t have splurged on, or some new makeup that she thinks I would love. 

Michele: My mom recently told me, “If you can pull off a cute little outfit, why not go for it!? The time is now!” I loved that. Sometimes I can dress a little too comfortably or, dare I say, boring. When wearing clothes is part of the job, sometimes I just want to keep it simple. My mom always encourages me to have fun with it.


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