Audrie Segura

Audrie Segura

As founder of Proudmore Creative Group and the Tag Me podcast, Audrie Segura is a creative force. But through the years, her entrepreneurial prowess—and many successes— belied an underlying insecurity that jeopardized her self-confidence. Here, she shares the struggles she’s faced head on and the realizations that have empowered her along the way.

Tell us about a challenge you've faced, precisely a time where a personal attribute made you feel insecure or insufficient and the emotions accompanying the feeling.

My body. It was attached to self-worth, acceptance, beauty, and love. I remember moments staring in the mirror feeling so insecure about myself and not enough, not perfect, not loveable. Can you share the moment that helped you shift your perspective from feeling that attribute was negative, to feeling that it could be positive or empowering? Was there a specific instance that spurred this realization? Treatment. I went to treatment for an eating disorder, depression, and debilitating anxiety. Aside from therapy and other self-love and spiritual practices, yoga helped me heal my relationship with my body. I saw how it was there for me, held me up, and supported me.

How has your struggle with your body changed over time? Do you find yourself still struggling at times, and if so, what self-acceptance practices have you implemented for moments like these?

 My body is sacred and it never deserved to be the place where I projected pain. I celebrate my body by being grateful for it and loving it the way it is. I celebrate it every time I practice a healthy relationship with food. I celebrate it when I look in the mirror and see beauty. My relationship with my body and food is a lifelong journey of practicing self-love in every moment.

Do you have any advice, resources, or inspirations that you feel comfortable sharing?

If you are struggling with your relationship with your body or food, you are not alone. Share it with someone. Connect with a professional. Join a group of people that can relate to, and share, share, share, as if your life depends on it.

As a woman, what makes you feel empowered?

"Just that. I feel empowered because I am a woman."

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