The Inspiration Behind Fall 2020

“Fall was less about a singular inspiration, more about a mood or feeling. In the spirit of the 70s, this collection channels a strong feminine attitude.”
-Andrea Lieberman

Inspired by a time when fashion shifted, Andrea went back to a sense of 70s chic for Fall. It was Pam Grier and Valentino, a time that put a spotlight on a woman’s independence, combining sensuality and a sense of freedom.

From home, the designer walked through the new collection, parsing out Fall’s biggest stories: reimagined classics, compact knits, empowering prints, and unabashedly feminine silhouettes.

Discover the strength and ease of the Fall collection, as Andrea explains how Fall was designed for every day.

New Attitude

“It’s the way you wear it, and the attitude you wear it with. It makes it yours and brings this great essence to it all.”

Fall takes a focus on the feminine attitude. The season’s bold new dresses feel sensual but still playful and chic.

Updated Proportions

“We wanted to focus on how we bring what we wear into the new daily lifestyle we’re all living.”

Attention to proportions is what make these reimagined classics feel modern—detailed but still designed to be worn with ease.

Unexpected Colors

“Mixing a deep, deep red with a pale pink resulted in my favorite Fall print: The Kiku.”

Always a little bit off, Fall’s palette is unconventional. Like seasons past it unveils unlikely combinations that are never too serious or precious. 

Chic Layers

“These are do-everything tops. You need things in your life and wardrobe that are incredibly versatile.”

A combination of shape and stretch, these layers pair back to basically everything—the signature knits that are the cornerstone of any look.